Carrying to Term

It may seem impossible to think of carrying your pregnancy to term right now. That is understandable since it was not what you planned or expected. Concerns like lack of finances, interference with future plans, relationship challenges, and lack of support from others in your life often feel like overwhelming obstacles. If you should choose to carry to term, we're here to help you walk through those challenges. We have resources to assist you, and can offer community referrals for housing, healthcare, and other needs.


If you choose to parent your baby you are likely feeling excited but overwhelmed. That is understandable. We have many resources to help and trained client advocates that will walk this journey with you, providing kind support and mentoring along the way. We offer prenatal/postnatal pregnancy education, parenting classes and practical resources like diapers, clothing, and furniture.


We can offer information and help answer your questions so you can learn about this option before making your choice. Making an adoption plan is an emotional, difficult choice and perhaps one you never thought possible. Our trained staff will be here for you as you work through your decision. Many women find an adoption plan a positive solution that is good for both themselves and their baby when they've chosen not to parent.


If you are contemplating an abortion we can provide accurate, current information on abortion procedures, safety and your rights. This is your decision although you may receive pressure from others involved in your life. Being educated allows you to make an informed decision that is best for you, that you can be comfortable with for the long term. We are here to offer compassion without judgment and support as needed.

*Care Net does not refer for abortions.

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